Monday, May 26, 2014

Here and There

May was a challenging month on a number of fronts, but a month of good progress as well.  Here's a brief catch-up.

We had our first Restoration Radio show in Spanish.  It was on the false canonizations of JPII and JXXIII.  Forward this show to your Spanish-speaking friends who are open-minded!  If you love Spanish churches you might enjoy this piece on them by Stephen Heiner on his personal travel blog.

He also took photographs of non-una-cum Masses in Poland and in England.  If you need contact information regarding these Masses you can email mail at and you will be connected with the right people.

You may notice that very slowly, but surely, this site is returning to its roots as a blog and we are creating a separation between this page and our Radio site, where you can find all our Radio content as well as updates which review the content, like this one from earlier this month.  You can see this return via recent articles from Magdalene Zapp, Lucasz Paczuski, and Matt Beck.

Speaking of radio content, some might be wondering what happened to Pastoralia, the Liturgical Year, and the Summas in May.  Suffice to say we simply had some scheduling challenges.  Both Fr. McKenna and Fr. McGuire have very challenging mission circuits and as such we weren't always able to make our recording windows or remaster our work.  In the case of last month's Pastoralia, we did actually record and broadcast an episode, but when we remastered it we found the sound quality was so bad that Father and Stephen decided to re-record the entire episode.  That will be coming soon.

We should also hint that we plan to transition off blogtalkradio (which has a number of problems with it) onto our own platform, and as such, the current access to Restoration Radio will change.  The best way to ensure that you continue to get access to all our content?  Become a subscriber.

As always, keep us in your prayers!