Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Anti-Modernist Reader: book and radio show now available

If you are interested in buying this book, it's now available for sale to the public here.

The new radio show that will accompany this book is available here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Right to Life," a phrase we should abandon

"That's the language of the revolution," I said calmly, putting my knife down.

"What are you talking about?" my would-be antagonist sputtered.

"That, using terms like 'rights.' That's the language of the French Revolution, the UN, and the EU. We don't have any 'rights' as Catholics or as humans. We have responsibilities. First, to God, then to our family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc. There's no catechism that instructs me on any 'rights' I am born with as a Christian, pre or post Baptism."

And that's because once we accept that such a thing as "rights" exist, we are also pocket-conceding that such a thing can be given or taken away, by whatever authority recognizes (or doesn't) said rights.

Think about the sacred phrase used by all those millions who "march for life" annually in Washington D.C., oblivious to the fact that not only was their battle lost a long time ago, but by continuing to pursue a legislative path to a "fix" for abortion in America while using the language of "rights" the war was over before the first baby disappeared down a suction tube.

We have no "rights," not even a right to life. We were given an incredible gift by our Creator: life, beautiful life. We have a short time here on earth to give an account of how we have known, loved, and served him so we can be happy with him forever in heaven. That is hardly some "right" enumerated by the so-called philosophes. It's a grave responsibility.

When we stop using their language - when we start redefining the terms of our engagement to tell our story (like a Rosary procession, perhaps, instead of a "march") we might make some real progress. Until such time as we do, the March for Life, just like the Charlie Hebdo march in Paris, will remain an exercise in "feel-good" activism, the sort of sugary coat that will burn away at the first heat of trial.

Bishop Sanborn in London...again!

For those interested, His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn will again be in London this month to offer Mass as well as offer a conference on Baptism.  Details are provided on the website of the UK Tridentine Mass Society, sponsors of the event.

As mentioned previously, this is great news for UK Catholics, who previously only had Mass once a month, but will likely now have Mass twice a month.  Pray for the success of this new mission.

True Restoration will be on the ground at the event, hopefully providing photography and speaking to some of those attending who have recently come to sedevacantism.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The finale of the 1000/100 Challenge

About 10 months ago, in March 2014, we launched the 1000/100 initiative.  We proposed to hit 1000 fans/followers/subscribers across each of the three major social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as add 100 new members.  With about 60 days to go we are pleased to say that thanks to the guidance of Wendy Haught, our Social Media Manager, we have hit those goals across Facebook, Twitter, and are just about 50 subscribers away from hitting it on YouTube.  We have achieved our goal of adding at least 100 new members to our subscription services.  "Enter" by simply liking, following, and subscribing!

Remember that the prizes on offer are three Platinum Annual Memberships, and they are transferable so if you already have one you can gift one to a friend.  It's our way of giving back and saying thanks for helping us grow our presence online!

We have been "away" for a while but this doesn't mean we haven't been busy.  Fr. Cekada's crowdfunder is in its final days, and if you wanted our takes on modern dystopian films or Charlie Hebdo, we've included the links.  And in case you didn't know, we have a daily news feed called the Restoration Reader that features three articles worth reading almost every day.  Click on the three bars on the logo and you can sign up to get the articles delivered to your email every time we publish.

Finally, we hope you are enjoying Season 4 of Restoration Radio as much as we are enjoying producing it.  We haven't yet rolled out our full catalogue of new shows, but by Candlemas we will have.  As always, keep us in your prayers.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Apps and the Warehouse

We are still closed but we wanted to share an update.

So, these are by no means finished products, but they are getting there.  Please find our apps for iOS and Droid.  These apps will only function if you are a TR member and have a login.  Remember - we are gone during the next two weeks but if you have any bugs/issues with the apps simply email us with them and we will make sure they get fixed in the next version of the apps, due to drop at Candlemas.
We also needed to make sure that all of our copies of The Anti-Modernist Reader shipped before Christmas, as promised.  We feel certain that almost all of our clients will receive their copies before this Thursday.  You can see Stephen Heiner here above going into our warehouse to pitch in with packing and shipping to make sure everything went out on time.

Please be assured of our prayers for you and yours as we await the arrival of Our Blessed Lord.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clerical Initiatives: December 2014

All of us here at TR will be on holiday from Dec 15-Jan 6 but we wanted to take a moment to make you aware of two projects that our clergy are engaging in over the months of December and January.

Bishop Donald Sanborn visits the United Kingdom
From Jan 1st-4th Bishop Donald Sanborn will be visiting England, once a solid center of Christendom before Henry VIII imagined himself the head of the Church in England and birthed the apostatical Anglican sect and, unwittingly, the nonconfessional United States.  There are some faithful who are serious about establishing a permanent and regular non-una-cum Mass center in the UK in addition to what is currently available and the Bishop will be meeting those people and speaking at different locations throughout the country, as well as hearing confessions and saying Mass.

On January 1st he will say Mass in Leicestershire, England.  The program will be as follows:

11am Confessions
Noon Mass
130pm Lunch
230pm The Bergoglian Era
330pm The Una Cum Mass
430pm The Errors of Bishop Williamson
There will be a break in between each talk.

On January 2nd-4th he will say Mass in London, England.  The program will be as follows:

January 2nd
11am Confessions
Noon Mass
130pm Lunch
230pm Spiritual Conference: Mental Prayer

January 3rd
11am Confessions
Noon Mass
130pm Lunch
230pm Spiritual Conference: Humility

January 4th
11am Confessions
Noon Mass
230pm The Bergoglian Era
330pm The Una Cum Mass
430pm The Errors of Bishop Williamson
There will be a break in between each talk.

We were unimpressed with the attendance of the British this time last year when we were in London with the Bishop for his landmark Vatican II conference.  If the SSPX and Resistance folks are so secure in their arguments, why do they shy away from a golden opportunity to prove that their position is right?  Are there serious thinkers in the UK, unafraid of reasonable debate?  Or are people just happy to do whatever the SSPX or Bishop Williamson tells them, just as "good Catholics" in the 1960s followed their false pastors?  This series of talks will reveal the UK's commitment, strength, honesty, and resilience.  We are cautiously optimistic, having had a chance to meet English faithful throughout this year not just at Mass in Ely, but in Scotland as well.

For more details and to RSVP please contact info AT or message the group in the UK on twitter.  Please note that the TR offices will be closed in late December and early January so you should not email us about this event.

Father Anthony Cekada publishes the 2nd edition of Work of Human Hands
Not being content to be responsible for editing the first Traditionalist crowdfunded book in history,  Fr. Cekada has put together a crowdfunding project to finance a second printing of his own book.  He has some great incentives, like Fr. Chuck/Fr. Retreaux tote bags, and even one amazing incentive: the dedication of the Second Edition!  Check it out here.

While True Restoration did not get to publish either the first or the second editions of the book, our staff was involved in the proofing process for the first edition and we did purchase the photo that is the cover of the book.  We are happy to be a part of promoting this second printing and we cannot recommend the book highly enough; we did a full season radio show on the book (which will continue in Season 4).  The latest episode for Father's own video series is now up on YouTube as well.

Participation in the crowdfunder is the only way to ensure that you will get a copy of the book as soon as it prints.  There will be a delay for those who wait until the book is "back in stock" at

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Annual Meeting concluded and TR Offices closing for December

Our annual meeting has just finished and has been very fruitful. We thank those of you who kept our work in your prayers not just in the last few days, but all year.  Our humble thanks to the clergy of St. Gertrude the Great Catholic Church, who generously hosted us during these days.

In the photo above, you will note all those who will be involved with True Restoration in 2015 (and clergy who generously hosted us).  From left to right, Jason Guardiano, Nicholas Wansbutter, Joshua Gunsher, Fr. Vili Lehtoranta, Bp. Daniel Dolan, Stephen Heiner, Dr. Bill Seng, Justin Soeder, Wendy Haught (not pictured: John Thompson, Matt Arthur).

We will be closed Monday, the 15th of December (the octave day of the Immaculate Conception) until the 6th of January (the Epiphany).  Membership services and tech support will still be available, of course, but any ordinary correspondence and questions will not be answered until after the office is reopened.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Annual Meeting begins

Today is the first day of the Annual Meeting for True Restoration owners, board members, and hosts. Please pray for us as we evaluate Season 3 of Restoration Radio, plan Season 4, as well as examine all our other outreach and activities, one of which is shipping the Anti-Modernist Reader.  For a sneak preview...