Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clerical Initiatives: December 2014

All of us here at TR will be on holiday from Dec 15-Jan 6 but we wanted to take a moment to make you aware of two projects that our clergy are engaging in over the months of December and January.

Bishop Donald Sanborn visits the United Kingdom
From Jan 1st-4th Bishop Donald Sanborn will be visiting England, once a solid center of Christendom before Henry VIII imagined himself the head of the Church in England and birthed the apostatical Anglican sect and, unwittingly, the nonconfessional United States.  There are some faithful who are serious about establishing a permanent and regular non-una-cum Mass center in the UK in addition to what is currently available and the Bishop will be meeting those people and speaking at different locations throughout the country, as well as hearing confessions and saying Mass.

On January 1st he will say Mass in Leicestershire, England.  The program will be as follows:

11am Confessions
Noon Mass
130pm Lunch
230pm The Bergoglian Era
330pm The Una Cum Mass
430pm The Errors of Bishop Williamson
There will be a break in between each talk.

On January 2nd-4th he will say Mass in London, England.  The program will be as follows:

January 2nd
11am Confessions
Noon Mass
130pm Lunch
230pm Spiritual Conference: Mental Prayer

January 3rd
11am Confessions
Noon Mass
130pm Lunch
230pm Spiritual Conference: Humility

January 4th
11am Confessions
Noon Mass
230pm The Bergoglian Era
330pm The Una Cum Mass
430pm The Errors of Bishop Williamson
There will be a break in between each talk.

We were unimpressed with the attendance of the British this time last year when we were in London with the Bishop for his landmark Vatican II conference.  If the SSPX and Resistance folks are so secure in their arguments, why do they shy away from a golden opportunity to prove that their position is right?  Are there serious thinkers in the UK, unafraid of reasonable debate?  Or are people just happy to do whatever the SSPX or Bishop Williamson tells them, just as "good Catholics" in the 1960s followed their false pastors?  This series of talks will reveal the UK's commitment, strength, honesty, and resilience.  We are cautiously optimistic, having had a chance to meet English faithful throughout this year not just at Mass in Ely, but in Scotland as well.

For more details and to RSVP please contact info AT or message the group in the UK on twitter.  Please note that the TR offices will be closed in late December and early January so you should not email us about this event.

Father Anthony Cekada publishes the 2nd edition of Work of Human Hands
Not being content to be responsible for editing the first Traditionalist crowdfunded book in history,  Fr. Cekada has put together a crowdfunding project to finance that second printing.  He has some great incentives, like Fr. Chuck/Fr. Retreaux tote bags, and even one amazing incentive: the dedication of the Second Edition!  Check it out here.

While True Restoration did not get to publish either the first or the second editions of the book, our staff was involved in the proofing process for the first edition and we did purchase the photo that is the cover of the book.  We are happy to be a part of promoting this second printing and we cannot recommend the book highly enough; we did a full season radio show on the book (which will continue in Season 4).  The latest episode for Father's own video series is now up on YouTube as well.

Participation in the crowdfunder is the only way to ensure that you will get a copy of the book as soon as it prints.  There will be a delay for those who wait until the book is "back in stock" at

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Annual Meeting concluded and TR Offices closing for December

Our annual meeting has just finished and has been very fruitful. We thank those of you who kept our work in your prayers not just in the last few days, but all year.  Our humble thanks to the clergy of St. Gertrude the Great Catholic Church, who generously hosted us during these days.

In the photo above, you will note all those who will be involved with True Restoration in 2015 (and clergy who generously hosted us).  From left to right, Jason Guardiano, Nicholas Wansbutter, Joshua Gunsher, Fr. Vili Lehtoranta, Bp. Daniel Dolan, Stephen Heiner, Dr. Bill Seng, Justin Soeder, Wendy Haught (not pictured: John Thompson, Matt Arthur).

We will be closed Monday, the 15th of December (the octave day of the Immaculate Conception) until the 6th of January (the Epiphany).  Membership services and tech support will still be available, of course, but any ordinary correspondence and questions will not be answered until after the office is reopened.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Annual Meeting begins

Today is the first day of the Annual Meeting for True Restoration owners, board members, and hosts. Please pray for us as we evaluate Season 3 of Restoration Radio, plan Season 4, as well as examine all our other outreach and activities, one of which is shipping the Anti-Modernist Reader.  For a sneak preview...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Member Appreciation Days: December

We are a few days away from the Annual Meeting for the True Restoration ownership group and we wanted to take the opportunity to meet those of you who have become Members.  We will be going to Mass and then breakfast afterwards.  Breakfast is on us, but we need to know numbers to make reservations.

Please let us know if you will be attending and how many will attend by emailing mail AT  Below you will find the days and locations.  At least one of the show hosts will be available at each of these events.

Sunday, December 7th
St. Gertrude the Great Catholic Church
West Chester, Ohio

Friday, December 26th
Our Lady of Victory Church
London, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, December 28th
St. Hugh of Lincoln
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We do hope to have the opportunity to meet many of you in person!  And please keep us in your prayers as we meet to assess the year that has passed and to make decisions on Season 4 of Restoration Radio as well as a new production schedule for True Restoration Media.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fr. Bede Nkamuke interview released

True Restoration Media's raison d'être is to do long-form interviews with clergy, and occasionally laymen, about the Catholic Faith.  While the majority of our videos are either exclusive to our subscribers or available for a la carte purchase, as we add new videos to our library we take the opportunity to make one video available for free to the public, not just as a service to the Faith - we think it's important for people to see this content - but as a chance for people to see what they could have access to if they bought a Platinum Annual membership or above to True Restoration.

Stephen Heiner conducted this interview with Fr. Nkamuke during his diaconate.  Fr. Nkamuke is now preparing, after some time at St. Gertrude's, to begin a very busy apostolate in Nigeria.  You can find Fr. Nkamuke on twitter here.  Ask him how you can help!

Enjoy the video.

Friday, October 10, 2014

And God Laughed at My Plan

I started off Monday with a great and holy plan.

I would give myself a one-day silent retreat using The School of Jesus Crucified.   Well, at least until it was time to take my dad to his cardiologist appointment at 5 pm.   It had been a busy and emotionally draining couple of weeks with family and other out-of-town guests visiting, and I thought this little retreat was just what I needed to restore my peace of heart.   I said my morning prayers then launched right in on the book.   It was fabulous, and I got pretty excited about the spiritual progress I was sure to make.

I had read and meditated for about a half an hour when the phone rang.  It was my mom letting me know that her home health aide, R, did not come to work.  My mom has been confined to a wheel chair ever since she had a stroke two years ago.  I called R, but she didn't answer.  I left a message.   Then I cooked bacon and eggs for Mom and took it down to her house.  Dad had eaten cereal.   I greeted him on the front porch.

I *think* he greeted me as well, but frankly, I can't remember for sure because the next words out of his mouth changed the whole focus of my day.

"Wendy, I'm out of cigarettes, and I've been out since yesterday at noon," he said, getting directly to the point as he handed me an empty L&M 100s package.  I figured the information about how long he had been out was to help me understand the urgency of the situation.  "And look at this," he added with deep concern, holding up his beloved little dog to me.  "Cherokee's got a giant tick on his leg.  He needs to go to the vet."

I looked at the tick.

"Dad,"  I said,  "That is not a tick.  It's some kind of tumor."

"It is so a tick!  Look.  Feel of it."

I pressed the soft, black sphere and looked at how it was attached.  "It's not a tick, Dad," I contradicted.  "A tick's body gets big, but only its head burrows in.  This thing is connected to the skin all the way around."

"Will you make him an appointment and take him to the vet?" my dad persisted.  "Today?" he added.  Dad can still drive, but if he does he is not eligible for home health services, which he needs.  So no more driving.

"Yes," I sighed as I felt a dark cloud gather over my head.  I imagined the Vet's office with the walls papered in annoying posters about vaccinations and neutering.  Big Pharma rules there too.  Ugh!    Clearly, God had a different plan for my day!

I went inside and gave Mom her breakfast, got her dressed, washed the dishes, and started a load of laundry.

Then I went home and got my purse and headed to the Tobacco Shack.  I had really been primed for silence and prayer.  I felt the resentment monster crashing through my soul.  A knot tightened in my chest.   And then the guilt.  I pulled into the drive-through of the cigarette place and saw a sign that said that it didn't open until 9.  I had ten minutes to wait.  I decided to fill up the car with gas.

I left the driver's door open as I pumped the gas.  When I finished and went to get in the car, I noticed a praying mantis on the roof.  I thought bitterly, "Oh, funny.  I wanted to pray and now here's this praying mantis.  Too weird."  I shooed him back so he wouldn't get squished when I closed the door.  I drove into the grocery store parking lot and parked, waiting for 9:00.  As I glanced out the driver's door window, the praying mantis leaped onto the driver's side mirror.  He turned his queer triangular head and peered at me.  I studied him and marveled at his construction--all the joints in his legs and the searching way he turned his head when he looked at me.  I recalled something that I had read that morning about how God gave us creation so we would know how much he loved us.  As I pondered this thought and gazed at him, time stood still.  Then the mantis raised up on his hindmost legs and then plunged forward, galloping along the top of the mirror.  The sheer beauty of it caused me to gasp, and tears trickled down my cheeks.

"Thank you, God, for the attitude adjustment," I whispered.

Back home with the precious cigarettes, I  called the vet to make an appointment.  I felt relieved when they said they couldn't take him until the next day.  Later, when I went back to my parents' to cook their midday meal, my mom said, "I gave your dad the tweezers to pull out that tick."

"What?" I asked in disbelief.

"But he couldn't get it," she finished.

"Mom!  No!  It's not a tick!" I had a mental image of me doing a face palm and thought, "Watch it, Wendy.  Remember your attitude adjustment.  But I could feel the frustration coming back.

Later, zooming down the highway to my dad's cardiologist appointment, he confided that he had painted the "tick" with fingernail polish.

"Okay, Dad," I sighed, feeling frustrated and totally defeated.  

And I reviewed my day and the retreat that God had planned for me and what a failure I was.

The next morning my parents' home health aide called and said, "You can cancel that appointment with the vet.  They already looked at that lump when Cherokee had his shots.  They said it was a fat deposit and not to worry about it."

That night, after I had put my mom to bed, my dad called me into his office where he was playing his millionth game of Solitaire on the computer.  He said, "Wendy, you were right about the tick.  I was wrong.  I'm sorry."

My heart melted, and I hugged him tight.

"I love you, Daddy.  It's ok."

And it was.

MHT Seminary podcast and SGG Calendar

We are happy to announce that Most Holy Trinity Seminary has added podcasts to its already existing  Sermons feed.  If you have an Apple device you can find their feed here.  The newest link has a podcast that the Bishop did discussing his recent European trip.  If you have Android you can find the feed here.

For an update on our own App situation at Restoration Radio and apps in which you can listen to Restoration Radio for free, click here.

If you haven't already ordered a 2015 Calendar, make sure you get yours from St. Gertrude.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The weekend in Budapest...

As I winged my way home to Paris on Monday I couldn’t help but reflect with amazement at the weekend’s events in Hungary.  A congregation which had but a few short months before been part of the “SSPX Resistance” had made the intellectual journey to sedevacantism, invited Bishop Sanborn to administer Confirmations, and successfully hosted a conference with at least 40 attendees, not including clergy and myself, with at least 15 of them being professed “Novus Ordo” Catholics. 

His Excellency gave an outstanding conference, which was ably and speedily translated by one of the parishioners of the chapel.  The full video will be available to True Restoration Platinum Annuals and above starting on October 1st.  It will also available for a la carte purchase for $9.99.  The conference was not a repeat of the one given by the Bishop last December in London, which focused on Vatican II and the Catholic response.  This was a much larger talk in scope, which began with the shift in worldview that started in the Renaissance and led, in part, to errors like regalism and Jansenism, and would eventually find their latter day complements in the immanentism of Kant, who H.E. noted is one of the most influential figures in the system of Modernism.  H.E. then connected these developments to persons like Joseph Ratzinger and Hans Kung, who found their hour of triumph at the Second Vatican Council.  His Excellency then, after a brief break for refreshments, proceeded to take one hour of questions, followed by another 30 minutes of “off-the-record” questions during which time we stopped recording and allowed people who needed to leave to do so, while those with more contentious questions were permitted to stay and speak with the Bishop.

There was a line of people who wanted to converse directly with the Bishop, and as I put away the recording equipment I came up to a group of them and let them know, through one of our interpreters, that they had asked some good questions.  It was an opportunity to practice patience with one of the group who was of ill-will who managed to jump from topic to topic, throwing out false analogies and fake “gotchas.”  Fr. McKenna, who could hear the decibel level in my voice rising, gently tapped me on my left shoulder as if to say, “I’ve got this, Stephen.”  I got in one last comment, “It was a disciplinary change, not a change to a sacrament!”  He had claimed that since “Innocent the something” (it wasn’t, it was the Fourth Lateran Council) had decreed that there were to be no more religious orders, but yet later orders were permitted, that so too could Paul VI reverse Sacramentum Ordinis by introducing a novel rite of episocopal consecration.  While I compliment such people for taking the time to come and hear the Bishop, I wonder how often they are actually reading and studying as opposed to memorizing tracts and repeating parts they've memorized (as a side note, Fr. McKenna, about 5 minutes later, had to step away himself and later told me, “that’s one of maybe 5 times in my life I’ve had to walk away from a conversation about the Faith.”  It wasn’t a consolation for me that I’m not built for confrontations like that, but it was a reminder that I need to work on my patience, one of many virtues in myself that need encouragement and nourishment).

After Sunday Mass I had the opportunity to show the Bishop and Fr. McKenna three gems of Budapest (of which there are many), namely: Matthias Church, which witnessed the crowning of the last Holy Roman Emperor, Charles, St. Stephen’s Basilica, where the cassocks they were wearing gained them admittance to some roped-off areas of the basilica as well as to a private viewing of the right arm of St. Stephen, which was in a chapel that was already closed for the day, and Heroes Square, in which the founding of Hungary and a thousand years of its monarchy are commemorated. 

Much more could be said about this trip, including the fact that I had an opportunity to interview Bishop Sanborn on clerical vocations, a video that will be hitting True Restoration Media in the next 30 days (again, this is something available to our Platinum Annual Subscribers and above).  Suffice to say there are three good lessons to take away from the weekend.

Firstly: People are thinking.  The fact that so many Novus Ordos would attend a conference in which the featured speaker is a known and “notorious” sedevacantist means that people take these concepts seriously as ideas that need to be grappled with, not merely dismissed out of hand.

Secondly: Bishop Sanborn and others like him are willing to travel anywhere that people are serious about a non-una-cum Mass.  This event stood in stark contrast to the London conference of last December, when those who profess to vigorously disagree with Bishop Sanborn were too cowardly to even engage with him, and who are under the sway of native clergy who propose all sorts of odd ideas, including Bishop Williamson’s “Resist the Recognize and Resist SSPX” strain of thought.  The Hungarians are serious and this conference will pave the way for future visits, no doubt.

Finally:  Anyone can do this who has a desire and has a modicum of organizational acumen.  The clergy, and indeed the resources of True Restoration, are available for any other groups who wish for such episcopal visits.  If you act seriously and deliberately, we will take you at your word and assist you in every way we can.