Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interview with Bp. Richard Williamson, London, 2010

Find below the interview I conducted with Bishop Williamson in January of this year when I was in London visiting him.

I have been the beneficiary of yet another great review on Durendal: this time it was penned by Nicholas Wansbutter, Editor of H.L.'s Dinoscopus weekly column.  You can find his review of the interview here:

Please enjoy this first interview in English with the Bishop this year.  It is over 90 minutes long, and if you need to pause and come back, you can use the question #s to forward to the chapter where you left off.

The interview is divided into 7 chapters: 1) Globalism and 2010, 2) Government above God, 3) True Feminism and Catholic Marriage, 4) Benedict XVI and Vatican II,  5) The Society of St. Pius X, 6) French Leadership of Tradition, and 7) Our Lady.

The Bishop is in good spirits and the interview shows it. This interview is part of the London Interviews series.  I did two with H.L. in June 2009 and you can find links to them in the sidebar on the right under "Interviews with SSPX clergy."  If you wish to purchase any of these interviews and more, you may visit: