Monday, January 18, 2016

Our run on blogspot ends

This will be the last post on this version of the TR blog.  The new one is here. This is the last step in a long journey to unify all of our sites, which were created at disparate times without a particular unifying theme.  This new blog will collect the work we were doing on the blog, at TradReviews, and at the Restoration Reader into one single feed.  No more other websites.  Everything is at

Since this site has been around a relatively long time in internet terms, we will keep the most linked articles available here so that long-linked-to posts don't get broken.  However, there will be no new posts here, ever.  It will also be a month or so before all the previous posts from blogspot are properly imported to our new blog.  But by March 1st you should be able to find all the content that was here over there.

As a final note - you will start to see more writing activity.  Another challenge apart from creating a cohesive website was making sure we had a cohesive team, which was a challenge considering our company works across three continents.  But we had an excellent Annual Meeting and are ready to move forward  This also means I will have more time to write, and hope to share more of the Restoration with you.

Thanks for all your support over the years.  Onward and upward.