Tuesday, July 23, 2013

John Paul the not-Great-not-Saint

Novus Ordo Watch has an excellent post on the impossible situation that the Remnant and other recognize-and-resist crowd have put themselves in: saying that a man is the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth while simultaneously scrutinizing and approving (or disapproving) of everything he does, based on their own arbitrary judgements.  The latest horrible situation in front of these folks is the pending "canonization" of JPII, which along with John XXIII, is really a canonization of Vatican II, which the R&R crowd considers a valid council of the Catholic Church (but it's "pastoral," so it doesn't matter, right?).

Can you imagine a Catholic Church where the faithful judge each act of the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth according to their own personal standard of "Tradition?"  It's the reality for the SSPX and those in their pews (how exhausting!).  The problem with this method for this case?  Canonizations fall under the Universal Ordinary Magisterium, which is indefectible.  This is not an issue of papal infallibility.  This means that if someone in the SSPX wishes to claim that JPII is not a saint, he is going to have admit that he is actually a sedevacantist.  If they accept that Francis is the Pope, then they have to admit that JPII is a saint (make sure you get a lobotomy to finish off the job).

All this aside, it's clear that not only was John Paul II not a saint, but one of the greatest apostates and enemies in the history of the Catholic Church.  For those open-minded enough to hear the evidence, give a listen to the latest episode of Clerical Conversations on the Crisis.  Hosted by Nicholas Wansbutter and with regular guests, H.E. Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada, this episode is now available for (always free) download.

We've also been given the new title of "neo-Ultramontanists" by some of our detractors.  Without too much comment on this (for now), we'll proudly wear that label!